Plant-Source Calcium

How would you like your calcium? Rock...or plant?

Most calcium supplements are mined from limestone rock. But Certified Naturals with Aquamin is a plant sourced calcium from marine red algae.


Certified Naturals Calcium Magnesium is made from Aquamin, a plant-source calcium that is more easily absorbed by the bones and contains 73 additional minerals to work with calcium in the human body.

Aquamin is a food source calcium and mineral complex made from the Icelandic algae Lithothamnion calcareum.

Aquamin plant source calcium from Icelandic red algae

Calcium magnesium from marine source red algae

Why Aquamin plant-source calcium?

  • Aquamin is a whole food source of calcium that is not mined from limestone. It is sourced from the red-algae plant Lithothamnion calcareum that grows off the clean coastal waters of Iceland. Researchers in recent calcium studies advise that humans are best to get their calcium through food sources - Aquamin is ideal for this recommendation.
  • Aquamin contains a complex of 74 minerals, including supplemental levels of calcium and magnesium. Thirteen key minerals for bone health are found in Aquamin. Minerals work synergistically with each other for human health.
  • Aquamin’s plant-like cell structure makes it a more porous form of calcium making it easier to absorb and less likely to cause constipation or stomach upset.
  • Aquamin material is sustainably harvested under strict controls established by the Icelandic government for extraction methods and quotas. Only the calcified algae are harvested; new growth plants are not disturbed.
  • Aquamin has undergone multiple clinical studies at daily doses of 800 mg per day of calcium, showing promise in the areas of bone health, joint health and digestive health.

 Plant sourced calcium from marine red algae




Calcium magnesium from marine source red algae