Increase Fiber

Increase Fiber

Dietary fiber can help displace poor food choices and provide many health benefits

We need 30+ grams of fiber per day, but as a population we aren't even getting half of that. Increasing dietary fiber intake can result in improved satiety, displacement of poor food choices, reduced and stabilized blood sugar levels, bowel support, lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, immune system support, improved microbiome, cholesterol and hormonal status.

Fiber comes in many beneficial forms, so aim to consume many fiber-rich foods. There are two types of fiber: insoluble (e.g. bran) and soluble (eg. fruit/oat); within these categories are specific fibers that provide additional functionality. Some fibers act as prebiotics. Prebiotics provide food for your friendly bacteria (microbiome) and support overall health at every level. Examples of prebiotic fibers include acacia gum, oligosaccharides like FOS, GOS and XOS, inulin (chicory), Jerusalem artichoke, under-ripe bananas, raw cacao, or 70% or higher dark chocolate, dandelion greens, garlic, onions, leeks, barley, oats, apples, konjac root, ground flax, seaweed, wheat bran, jicama, yacรณn root and asparagus. The apple polyphenols contained in AppleSlim are also shown to have prebiotic properties that support weight management and inflammatory issues.

Natasha Grincevicius, Professional Health Educator, Certified Naturals

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