Dr. Hyman shocked about magnesium

Dr. Hyman shocked about magnesium

50% of Americans are not getting enough magnesium.

Why is this a problem? Magnesium is a critical mineral involved in 600+ chemical reactions in the body. 

It is shocking how many different symptoms are linked to magnesium deficiency and impacting chronic health issues. Even more interesting is when everything else fails to make a patient better, magnesium is often given as a last resort in emergency situations, leading Dr. Hyman to question why not give magnesium to the patient as a first step!

Dr Mark Hyman Magnesium

There a several different forms of magnesium but regardless of form it tends to work best when combined with other minerals. For example, Certified Naturals Marine-source magnesium contains 71 trace minerals along with Aquamin Mg and has shown to provide outstanding absorption properties.

Aquamin Mg (magnesium hydroxide) is absorbed several times more than magnesium oxide and even more bioavailable than magnesium chloride.

Overall, this is such an important mineral that it's worth ensuring you're getting the right amount, whether in supplement form or in combination with foods high in this mineral.

Learn more - view Dr. Hyman's video.

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